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The mission of the Nutraceutical Alliance is to be the global leader in evidence based design of nutraceutical supplements and scientific assessment of nutraceutical ingredients and health supplements and foods for the benefit of humans and animals.

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Nutraceutical Supplement Design

The Nutraceutical Alliance will guide you to developing effective and safe nutraceutiacal supplements and foods. The process begins by analysing your needs, then selecting nutraceutical ingredients backed by evidence based research. The Nutraceutical Alliance will help you create innovative, effective and safe health supplements and foods.

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Nutraceutical Evidence Based Research

Only the best nutraceutical supplements are backed by evidence based research. Ideally we want science based medicine. The Nutraceutical Alliance either does or assists with supplement research, including design of supplement function studies, supplement safety studies, execution of studies, and generating evidence based research.

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Regulatory Affairs

The Nutraceutical Alliance will prepare your nutraceutical supplement regulatory dossiers and related documentation for FDA, CVM, AAFCO, NASC, Health Canada, EFSA. We will interface with regulatory agencies on your behalf.

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Nutraceuticals Training and Education

Knowledge is power. The Nutraceutical Alliance is able to provide tailor-made packages for education and training for private label manufacturers, supplement designers, marketing and sales personnel, as well as executives and academics.

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Dr. Michael Lindinger, PhD

Research Scientist

Dr. Wendy Pearson, PhD

University of Guelph Affiliate
Research Scientist
Regulatory Specialist

Jennifer MacNicol, MSc

University of Guelph PhD Candidate
Research Associate