A Running Record of some of our Major Acheivements and Recognitions

CBC Radio Interview - CannaHorse

July 1, 2019

CBC Radio's piece on Pot for Horses? CannaHorse looks to market an alternative to pain relief medication Nutraceutical Alliance to oversee clinical trails expected to begin in fall 2019

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Research Contract with CannaHorse

June 26, 2019

CannaHorse delivers elevated equine medicineTORONTO, June 26, 2019 /CNW/ - CannaHorse announced it will launch the world's first ever legal cannabis brand dedicated to horse health, providing a plant-based solution to traditional pharmaceuticals.

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Vitafoods Europe 2019

Vitafoods Europe 2019 takes place at the Palexpo in Geneva, May 7 - 9 2019. Dr. Lindinger will be participating in several discussions with industry stakeholders over a period of three days

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Partner in Education and Training Platform with Anivado

Anivado offers courses in animal science in three languages, Dutch, English and Spanish. At present, most of the courses are equine, and in Dutch only.

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Nutraceutical Alliance has presence in the EU and North America

Regulatory Affairs: The Nutraceutical Alliance serves clients globally. Most of our clients are in North America and Europe. Increasingly Europe is a target for North American products, and North America is a target for European products.

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