Equine Nutraceuticals

- Equine Nutraceuticals, Nutrition, Bioequivalence and Pharmacokinetic Studies

Nutraceutical Research and Design Solutions for the Equine Industry

The Nutraceutical Alliance was Canada’s first and only private contract research facility specializing in equine research. Our research program encompassed aspects of equine health including (but not limited to):

  • clinical nutrition
  • bioequivalence
  • pharmacokinetics
  • tissue and organ culture
  • acute and chronic safety
  • efficacy studies

All research is designed and performed in compliance with Ontario Animals for Research Act and Canadian Council on Animal Care. We are committed to excellence in research design and execution and offer a wide range of research and product development services.

Benefits that your business will accrue from conducting research with the Nutraceutical Alliance include:

  • globally acknowledged experts in equine physiology and health
  • rapid and cost-effective access to research animals and facilities
  • retaining intellectual property rights to your research data
  • flexibility on public domain publishing
  • rapid turnaround times for contracts
  • no non-discretionary overhead fees

Completed Projects

  • design and development of the Ovvet product line:  http://ovvet.co.uk/
    -several of these products have VHP registrations https://health-products.canada.ca/vhp-psa/en/product-list
  • GRAS notification – see AGRN 19:
    See link here
  • Bioequivalence of generic omeprazole and Gastroguard®
  • Safety assessment of Succeed® in horses
    -Link to research publication 6
  • Efficacy of dietary anti-oxidant supplements in supporting muscle and joints during / after high intensity exercise
    -Links to research publications 1, 3 and 5
  • Efficacy of nutraceuticals with anxiolytic properties
    -Link to research publication 2
  • Efficacy and distribution of electrolyte supplementation
    -Link to research publication 7

Nutraceutical Supplements and Functional Foods by Species

Human Nutraceutical Supplements

Let us help take your human nutraceutical supplements and health supplements to the highest level. Use evidence-based research to select ingredients, determine ideal serving amounts, and duration of supplementation for peak effects.

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Equine Nutraceutical Supplements

The special needs of these hindgut fermenting animals can be optimized using nutraceutical products that target gastro-intestinal and immune health. Help horses achieve their genetic potential.

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Nutraceutical Supplements for Exotics

Exotics include deer, ostrich, llama and so on, that have an increasing presence in North America and Europe. Please Contact Us regarding your needs.

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Canine and Feline Nutraceutical Supplements and Foods

We love our cats and dogs, and their unique needs can be optimized with health-supporting nutraceutical supplements and functional foods. We are here to help you design your product using the best evidence-based research.

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Production Animal Nutraceutical Supplements and Foods

Nutraceutical ingredients have already reduced the need for routine antibiotics use in raising production animals. There are other ways in which nutraceuticals can be routinely used to optimize health, well being and production.

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Our Blog

New, interesting, current and relevant things in the nutraceuticals world, the Nutraceutical Alliance, and wellness for humans, dogs, cats and horses.

Design Nutraceutical Supplements

Evidence-based research to select key ingredients that work together, safely and effectively to support a broad range of health needs including g.i., immune, skin, respiratory, joint and muscle.

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Let us know how the Nutraceutical Alliance can help you with nutraceutical supplement needs.

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