Human Nutraceuticals

- Human Nutraceuticals

Many, but not all, animal nutraceutical ingredients and products have evolved from human use and
products. Indeed, human use of nutraceutical ingredients and products have occurred over hundreds, if
not thousands, of years. It is often because of this ‘historical use’ that certain ways of preparing and
extracting ingredients were proven to be safe and effective, while others were not. Modern science has
picked up the many threads of traditional medicinal plant and animal products developed over the
centuries. This had led to standardized approaches for extraction, nutraceuticals preparation,
characterization of safety and function using a variety of in vitro and in vivo techniques.

The current trend in human nutraceuticals is to have blend of ingredients that targets multiple tissues
that work in harmony to maintain health, as opposed to the traditional one ingredient – one tissue
approach. It is imperative that design of these blends uses the best evidence-based research in
ingredient selection and for apportionment of each ingredient to the blend. Novel blends need to be
tested for safety and function:

  • Contraindications need to be discovered if present
  • Additive effects need to be explored
  • Synergistic effects need to be explored

The Nutraceutical Alliance works with both producers of ingredients and with designers of nutraceutical blends.

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