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Nearly everything we've been involved with

These are the research publications that have been published by the Nutraceutical Alliance and their personnel prior to and during their involvement with the Nutraceutical Alliance - last update July 2021

These will be updated periodically


Neutraceuticals and Medicinal Plants

A list of both original research and review articles, with links.

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Human Physiology

These primarily arise of Dr. Lindinger's work in, and collaboration with, the CardioRespiratory Unit of McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario.

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Muscle Physiology

Much of Dr. Lindinger's research has been understanding how muscle's respond to and receover from the purturbations due to exercise.

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Equine Physiology

This work by Dr. Lindinger and Dr. Pearson is in the areas of dehydration, electrolyte balance, acid-base balance, nutraceuticals, joint disease and heat stress / thermoregulation.

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This studies on acid-base physiology in sheep (primarily) reflect a collaboration with Dr. Brian McBride formerly of the Dept. of Animal Science at the University of Guelph.

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Other Species

We all start somewhere!

The path has been varied and very interesting.

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