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All research is designed and performed in compliance with Ontario Animals for Research Act and Canadian Council on Animal Care. We are committed to excellence in research design and execution and offer a wide range of research and product development services.

Benefits that your business will accrue from conducting research with the Nutraceutical Alliance include:

  • rapid and cost-effective access to research animals and facilities
  • retaining intellectual property rights to your research data
  • flexibility on public domain publishing
  • rapid turnaround times for contracts
  • access to global experts in canine cognitive / nutritional physiology and health

Ingredient Selection:

Based on your desired health goals for the product, we will screen scientific databases for the best natural and beneficial ingredients. Ingredients are selected on the basis of evidence-based research demonstrating efficacy and safety. Sometimes ingredients are selected on the basis of regulatory approval. A single ingredient is sometimes a stand-alone product. Ingredients are often combined so that additive or synergistic health benefits can be obtained.

Product Development

We can assist with selecting a combination of ingredients based on the desired health outcome, interactions with medications, regulatory compliance, and budget. The manufacturing process also determines which ingredients can be used. Heating, extrusion, pressure and oxygen are a few examples of physical processes that can alter or damage ingredients. We can also assist with excipient materials for materials flow / handling, moisture absorbance, anti-oxidant and bulking. The proportion of each ingredient with respect to the others in a product is usually important. This alone can differentiate an excellent product from a poor product.

Product Testing

Product testing can be in the areas of nutrition, health and toxicology. We can use physiologically representative tissue and organ screening models to determine initial safety and function, prior to studies being performed on animals. clinical nutrition

Safety, Acute and Chronic

Scientific evidence must already exist for the safety of each ingredient prior to a product being tested in the target species. When safety of an ingredient in the target species is not known, safety studies using the ingredient alone must be performed prior to its inclusion in a product.


If the product is orally consumed, then it needs to taste good.

Function and Efficacy

Just because the scientific evidence suggests that an ingredient blend should work in a certain way, this needs to be verified. Sometimes added benefits are seen, and sometimes the product does not work as planned and needs to be changed.

Bioequivalence: Both Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical

Bioequivalence studies test, using the same animals in a cross-over design, if two different products exhibit similar properties with respect to selected pharmacokinetic parameters such as absorption, bioavailability, tissue and organ distribution, action on target tissues, and health effects.

Examples of some Completed Projects

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Product Design

Evidence-based research to select key ingredients that work together, safely and effectively to support a broad range of health needs including g.i., immune, skin, respiratory, joint and muscle.

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